Unlocking Tax Benefits for CIS Workers: How You Can Claim More

Tax help for CIS workers, sub contractor sitting on roof with drill

Attention all sub-contractors and construction industry workers! Are you making the most of your tax returns? Understanding what you can claim can significantly impact your refund. At Subbie Tax, we specialise in navigating the complexities of tax returns for CIS workers. Our innovative app and expert advice ensure you claim every penny you’re entitled to. […]

Subbies: Don’t Get Shocked by Tax Deadline

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Watt’s Up with the January Deadline? It’s that time of year again when the January 31st tax deadline looms like a nail in a new boot: unavoidable and a bit painful. But don’t worry! Subbie Tax is here to hammer out your tax worries and keep your finances as steady as a well-built scaffold.   […]

A Guide to Submitting Your Tax Return as a Self-Employed Sub Contractor

Tax returns for sub contractors

We know how taxing (pun intended) it can be to navigate the complex maze of the UK tax system, especially as a self-employed sub contractor. But don’t fret; Subbie Tax is here to help. If you’re considering handling your tax return solo this year, or you’re just curious about the process, this guide will take […]

Maximizing Your Construction CIS Tax Refunds with Subbie Tax

Maximizing Your Construction CIS Tax Refunds with Subbie Tax

When it comes to tax refunds in the construction industry, many self-employed workers and subcontractors are often unaware of the substantial reimbursements they may be entitled to. Unclaimed tax allowances can add up to significant sums of money, which could greatly benefit their businesses. In this blog post, we will discuss the various tax refund […]

Registering for Self Assessment and Filing Your Tax Return

Registering for Self Assessment and Filing Your Tax Return

Self-assessment tax returns are a crucial part of the UK’s tax system and are required annually for anyone who is self-employed, as well as for those who earn income from sources other than their employment. If you fall into any of these categories, then you must register and file your self-assessment tax return every year, […]

Take the faff out of Tax

Tax return for subcontractors

Take the faff out of tax with help from an accountant There’s lots to love about running your own business, but your annual tax return is unlikely to be one of the highlights. Yet, as any business owner or sub contractor will be all too aware, submitting annual tax returns is an essential fact of […]

Tax Returns made easy with Subbie Tax

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There are a great many reasons why being a sub-contractor is a fantastic choice. Not only can you enjoy greater flexibility in the jobs or projects that you work on, but you will often receive a higher wage for doing so. It’s generally easier to balance your work life around your free time and family […]