Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1:
Go to the Home Screen & Click Accounts

Step 2:
Click on My Details

Step 3:
Click on Money Laundering

Step 4:
Upload or take a photo of each document click on “submit”

Option 1:
You can take as many photos as you need, photos can be bank statements/payslips/CIS statements etc.

Option 2:
You can create as many manually entries as you need they can be weekly, monthly or annual entries.

Option 3:
You can upload as many documents as you need from your device, uploads can be of bank statements/ payslips/CIS statements etc.

Option 1:
You can take as many photos of receipts as you need, photos can be of bank statements/receipts/hand written list of expenses etc.

Option 2:
This is a form that can be filled in with total expense figures, the list itemises each cost and includes details of what can be claimed for.

Option 3:
You can upload as many documents/receipts as you need from your device, uploads can be of bank statements/receipts/hand written list of expenses etc.

Everyday at 4pm you will be sent a reminder notification to complete your mileage log this can be done as follows:

Record a Journey

This section will list any journeys you have ticked as frequent, so if you travel to the same site for a few weeks you can select the journey from your frequent journey’s list and the only thing that will need changing is the date.

Frequent Journey
This is where you complete your mileage log each day. If the journey is a one way trip ensure the ‘return journey’ is not ticked. If this is a regular journey you can add it to your frequent journey list below by ticking

Total Miles
Every time you record a journey the total miles will increase by that amount. Therefore this section will show you your total mileage to date.

Mileage Notes
This section is where you can write notes to your tax advisor about any information regarding your Mileage claim that you feel is relevant. If you have kept paper logs we recommend you write your total miles for the year as a note.

Once you are confident that all mileage information has been uploaded, click on the ‘complete’ button in the centre circle.

Yes, all subcontractors have to do a tax return no matter what trade you work in. You’ll need to complete your tax return by the tax return deadline specified by HMRC. You can use Subbie Tax to help you keep track of your expenses, income, mileage and tax documents. This will help you claim back the maximum amount on your tax refund. Speak to us to learn more! 

Yes, even if you are working under the Construction Industry Scheme CIS,  you’ll need to file for a self assessment tax return after your first year of trading. You can do this via the HMRC website or instruct an accountant such as Subbie Tax to do this on your behalf.

Once you are happy that all information for the tax year has been uploaded you must click ‘Submit to accountant

This will ensure we are notified that records are complete so we can begin work on your tax return. 

The accounts section of the app is where you can view any letters,accounts, edit your details, enter bank details etc. See further information below:

Take a photo of letter
This section is where you can take a picture of any letters you receive from HMRC .

My Details
This section is where all your personal information is held. You can edit your details at anytime and it will automatically be updated with ourselves e.g. change of address.

This is also the section where you will enter the bank details of the account you want your tax refund paid into.

This section is where we will upload any documents you may need to sign or view/download.

When we send your accounts to sign you will receive a notification that will take you directly to the document that requires a signature within this section.

If you’re self-employed, your business will have various running costs. You can deduct some of these costs to work out your taxable profit to calculate your tax refund/liability each year, as long as they are wholly and exclusively for the purpose of your trade.

A typical refund is £2000 – £4000 and in some cases more

Yes, but it can be tricky. If you are part of the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) then you will still need to do a self assessment tax return. Once you have completed this HMRC will determine if you have overpaid or underpaid on your tax. Ensure that you keep accurate records, to minimise the risk of owing tax. The Subbie Tax app is perfect for helping you keep track of all expenses.  

If you are under the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) you will pay 20% tax on your earnings, if however you are hired and not registered under CIS you may be subject to 30% income tax deductions. Speak to our team to find our more!