Unlocking Tax Benefits for CIS Workers: How You Can Claim More

Attention all sub-contractors and construction industry workers! Are you making the most of your tax returns? Understanding what you can claim can significantly impact your refund. At Subbie Tax, we specialise in navigating the complexities of tax returns for CIS workers. Our innovative app and expert advice ensure you claim every penny you’re entitled to.

Tax help for CIS workers, sub contractor sitting on roof with drill

Travel Expenses:

As a CIS worker, your job often requires travelling to various sites. Did you know you can claim travel expenses? This includes the cost of fuel, public transport fares, parking, and even toll fees. Travelling to and from your workplace might not be claimable, but travelling between job sites is.

Meals and Lodging:

Working away from home? You can claim expenses for meals and accommodation. This is particularly relevant for those long projects far from your usual residence. Keep those receipts – they’re your ticket to a bigger tax refund.

Protective Clothing and Tools:

Safety comes first, and so does claiming for protective gear and tools necessary for your work. Expenses for helmets, safety boots, and specialised tools are claimable. However, general clothing, even if worn for work, is not.

Insurance and Communication Costs:

CIS workers often overlook the fact that they can claim public liability insurance. Additionally, a portion of your phone bills can be claimed, especially if used for work. This also extends to postage and stationery expenses.

How Subbie Tax Maximises Your Returns:

Here’s where Subbie Tax shines. Our app is designed to simplify tracking your expenses, mileage, income, and other tax documents. With an in-app chat feature, you can easily communicate with your assigned accountant, ensuring no claimable expense is missed. And the best part? Our fee of just £199 for filing your tax return is only taken from your tax refund, making our service risk-free and transparent. Find out more about how our app works HERE

Did You Know?

There are several lesser-known expenses you might be missing out on. This includes costs for cleaning your work clothes, certain training courses, and even union fees. Every penny adds up, and our goal at Subbie Tax is to ensure you claim them all.

Navigating tax claims doesn’t have to be a headache. With Subbie Tax, you have a partner who understands the unique needs of CIS workers. We’re committed to maximising your tax return, ensuring you claim all that you’re entitled to. Ready to make the most of your tax return? Get in touch with us at 01782 366873

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