When is my CIS Tax Return Due?

When is my CIS Tax Return Due?

Welcome to our latest Subbie Tax blog, where we’re focused on helping UK subcontractors and CIS workers navigate the maze of tax returns with ease. We understand that tax season can be a bit daunting, but don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through it with professional and practical advice. So, let’s answer the question: When is my CIS Tax Return Due?

Important Tax Dates for Your Diary

January 31st: This is a crucial date for your tax calendar. By this deadline, you need to file your online tax return for the previous year and pay any tax due. It’s also the time to make your first payment on account for the upcoming tax year. Getting this done on time means starting the new year on the right foot, financially speaking.

April 5th: Mark the end of the tax year. Shortly after this date, you’ll receive a reminder from HMRC to file your self-assessment tax return. This is your signal to get all your documents in order for a smooth filing process.

July 31st: For those making payments on account, this is your second due date. It’s a mid-year checkpoint to ensure you’re keeping up with your tax responsibilities.

October 31st: If you prefer the traditional route of paper tax returns, this is your submission deadline. While it might seem old-fashioned, it’s still an important option for many.

Why Keep Track of These Dates?

Staying on top of these dates is essential to avoid late fees and penalties. More than that, it helps you maintain your financial health, ensuring you’re not caught off guard. As vital contributors to the construction industry, keeping your finances in check is key to your professional success.

How We Can Assist

Tax matters can be complex, but that’s where Subbie Tax comes in. We specialise in your Tax for self-employed, subcontractors and CIS workers, offering tailored support to make tax returns as straightforward as possible. We’re here to help you understand the ins and outs of tax returns, ensuring you’re well-prepared every step of the way. Don’t forget about our handy Subbie Tax app to help you keep track of your mileage, expenses, income and tax documents all in one place.

In short, think of us as your go-to resource for all things tax-related. We aim to make this process less of a chore and more of a clear, manageable part of your work life.

We hope this blog helps you stay on top of your tax obligations with ease. At Subbie Tax, we’re committed to supporting you through every tax season. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date and for more practical advice!