How Subbie Tax Can Benefit Various CIS Workers

subcontractor CIS Worker

As a hardworking subcontractor, ensuring you receive all the entitled tax benefits is important. UK tax refunds are an excellent way for workers to reclaim some of their hard-earned money. This blog will explore how Subbie Tax can help different CIS workers maximize their UK tax refunds.

Construction and Trades:

Construction workers, whether they are CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) or PAYE (Pay As You Earn), can benefit from claiming tax refunds through Subbie Tax. Ground-workers, plumbers, and other tradespeople can reclaim expenses related to their industry, such as tools, workwear, and travel expenses. This can lead to significant tax savings and increased financial well-being.

Armed Forces:

Serving and former military personnel play a vital role in protecting our nation. Subbie Tax can help them claim for travel expenses incurred during postings and training assignments of less than 24 months. This includes reimbursement for travel to and from different locations, ensuring that military personnel receive the maximum tax refund they are entitled to.


Individuals working in the security industry can also benefit from Subbie Tax. Whether it’s mileage allowances for work-related travel or fees associated with obtaining an SIA (Security Industry Authority) license, Subbie Tax can help security workers claim these expenses back through their partners. This provides much-needed financial relief for those working tirelessly to ensure our safety.


For offshore workers, claiming a tax refund for travel expenses can significantly affect their financial situation. Subbie Tax allows offshore workers to claim for travel to and from “temporary workplaces,” including airports or heliports. These expenses can quickly add up, making it essential for offshore workers to maximize their tax refunds.

Understanding and utilising Subbie Tax can greatly benefit various CIS workers in the UK. Everyone stands to gain from claiming tax refunds, from construction and trades professionals to armed forces personnel, security workers, and offshore employees. By working with the right partners, individuals can ensure that they receive the maximum entitlement they deserve, allowing for increased financial stability and peace of mind. So, if you’re in any of these industries, make sure you explore your eligibility for Subbie Tax and start maximizing your UK tax refunds today.