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A quick and easy way to handle all your payslips, receipts, mileage and HMRC letters. The average Subbie Tax refund is between £2000 and £4000.

What Subbie Tax can do for you


Take photos of your receipts or complete your expenses with user-friendly expenses summary sheet.


Fill in a record of a journey, add notes and submit. Log regular journeys to make it even easier to add frequent trips.


Take and upload pictures, add notes or create as many manual entries as you need. They can be weekly, monthly or annually – it’s up to you.


Take photos of letters from HMRC, or see letters we’ve received on your behalf, and be notified of anything you need to action.

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Brilliant! Such an easy app to use! Love it! Fast response from the accounting team, everything I need in one app. Highly recommend to all Sub-contractors.

Marek Kowalkowski

I was assigned my own personal tax adviser, it was so quick and easy! The experience was completely personalised for me and there wasn’t even an upfront payment required. I would recommend to anybody!!

Matt Wilsons

Really simple app, great for my tax returns. Same sort of price as my accountant but easier to do it this way.

Phelix Plush